Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jobs for Saturday 6th of August

Jobs for Saturday 6th of August – 9am onwards.

Last weekend was a great success, we really made the most of the sunny weather after so much rain. Thank you for all those who were able to come along.

We will be meeting at the garden at 9am regardless of the weather. If the weather is not suitable for gardening we will be going for a coffee so please join us.

Prepare beds

Plant Seedlings

Plant up strawberry bags

Plant more seeds in trays in the hot house

Set up netting around the middle water tank to grow peas up

Plant asparagus in the 1/2 wine barrel

Start work on the bath tub worm farms

Document the seeds

Rivet the loose section of coping on the meeting room roof

Oil the seating arc

Share a cup of tea or coffee and a chat

This is an optimistic list!

If people would like to bring cake or biscuits for morning tea it would be greatly appreciated. For those that can’t bring a snack there is the option of a gold coin donation.

Let’s make the most of this warmer weather.

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