Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tastes of Autumn

There is food for all after Saturday working bees! Our seating circle has provided brilliant habitat for water skinks who have bred prolifically and now eat bravely...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fun in the sun this Saturday

This a photo from about this time last year.
We have come a long way. There are familiar faces in this picture and we have welcomed many more friends since then. Come and join us in our sunny garden this Saturday.

Jobs for Saturday 25th February from 8.30 am

· Turn hot compost

· Construct the seating at the Great Wall of Les

· Continue to oil the Pergola

· Feed the worms

· Weeding

· Squashing evil lady birds

· Enjoy morning tea together

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Strive for the Finish

It's going to be pretty busy about the playing fields all of this weekend as Region 5 Little Athletics comes to town.
Throughout the regional athletics carnival, Kiama will be teeming with young athletes and their families and it will probably be rather difficult to park anywhere near the garden.
So any working bee this weekend is going to be kept low key, although ongoing work will still take place towards finishing our new seating area and oiling the pergola timbers.
There's also general maintenance to be done, so any members who feel like visiting should still do so. 

Jobs For Saturday 18 February 

… a long way from where you’ve parked! – will be very low key
Continue work on Mid level garden seating
Continue oiling the pergola
Water……Harvest…….Squash 28 spotted ladybirds….Turn Compost
Enjoy each other’s company at morning tea.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hot potato tip

Running out of space at home?

Come to the gardens to discover lots of tricks of the trade, like making use of 'hard surfaces' for growing seasonal food. Last weekend we created this small 1.5m x 1m no-dig potato patch in a spare corner.

It might not look much but if you do this at home you can expect do get at 10-30 potatoes from each potato planted. Which is a good return in anyone's book.

The yield varies depending on your climate, patch ingredients, type of potatoes, level of after planting maintenance etc BUT what have you got to loose, except a piece of driveway perhaps?!

Jobs for Saturday 11th Jan from 8.30 am – this week we are focusing on infrastructure.

Some of these tasks can be done no matter what the weather is doing some come along.

· Turn hot compost

· Construct the seating at the Great Wall of Les

· Sand and oil the Pergola

· Harvest

· Enjoy morning tea together

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Showing Determination

There was a great turn up at last weekends working bee, just what we needed for a blitz on the 28 spotted ladybirds that were damaging many crops in the garden! So the ladybird patrol went in.
Many squishes and yellow fingers later, we're pleased to report that our plants are now far less nibbled.

We've been very proud of what we're growing here in the garden, so this weekend, we decided to put some of our produce on display at the Kiama Show. It was fun putting our display together and a real highlight to win something as well.

We learned quite a bit throughout the showing experience and we'll be back again next year!
Our aim was to give more people in the Kiama Community an opportunity to see our produce
and by including our contact details too, we hoped
to encourage visitors and hopefully new members.

This Saturday we will be hard at work again, with most of us beginning work at 8.30am.


                      Jobs for the 4th February are as follows:
                          *Spray and net Brassicas
                          *Lady bird Patrol
                          *Seed Stocktake
                          *Enjoy Morning tea together     

                            Hope to see you there!