Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Notably Newsworthy

Kiama Community Garden has featured a few times in the newspaper recently and workshops held at the garden have also helped us show community members what is happening here.

It is terrific to have more people wanting to help grow vegetables together as we implement the overall garden plan.

Visitors to the garden may well meet Vince O'Dwyer who visits frequently to nurture produce, organise propagation and attend to various maintenance tasks.
Living next door has made it possible for him to keep a very close eye on how things are going.

Barry Stephens is another of the regular workers at the garden. His window looks down over the garden and he is often out and about in this magnificent back yard!

There is a weekly meeting at the garden every Wednesday at 4pm.
Current members are encouraged to attend and newcomers are welcome.

Here we keep up to date with what is currently happening and dates are set for work to be done in the weeks ahead. To achieve a consistent yield we also discuss strategies for maintaining and harvesting each of the current crops.