Thursday, June 28, 2012

This weekend marks the end of the financial year! Come and invest some time in the garden where the thoughts of tax time etcetera are soothed by the gentle and eternal patterns of the seasons.

Work on the hi-tech pizza oven is progressing well and we should be firing it up for the first time in the next few weeks. In the meantime the low-tech oven is doing us proud.

This Saturday we will be:

-          Turning the compost

-          Feeding the worms

-          Taking the shade cloth off the hot house

-          Planting out more seedlings

-          Weeding

-          Propagating more seeds

-          Cooking bread in our wood fired oven

-          Organising the meeting room

-          Sharing tea or coffee, tasty treats and conversation

From 9am, please enter the garden from the Kiama Sports Fields. Parking is in the Kiama Leisure Centre car park or in Thompson St near the end of Bong Bong St. Please wear sturdy shoes and gardening clothes. Please bring a hat, gloves and a tasty treat to share for morning tea (a gold coin donation box available in lieu of bringing food). Hope to see you there.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Resting before the Climb!

I love this graph, it's like a big smile for gardeners and plants alike. Temperatures may still dip for months to come and the winter wind will howl, but the daylength climb is giving life its cue to get started on the journey towards the replenishment that is Spring.  Here at the garden we're resting this weekend after a couple of months of continuous activity. Regular gardeners can still come and go as they please and a few maintenance jobs might be continuing but there will be no organised activity. See you next week instead, on our way up again!

Friday, June 15, 2012

A mixed bag!

Last weekends lunchtime pizzas were a delightful aside as we began to learn how to cook in our adobe oven.  We'll be at it again this Saturday 16 June from 9am, bearing in mind that the oven will take a while to heat up - and this time we'll be modelling our cooking on  European community baking. If you want to have a go at cooking your own bread, sweet bread, savoury pastries, pizza etc, bring them along ready to cook this weekend. Apart from the oven there will be garden work to do, including turning thecompost, planting more seedlings wherever we can find a gap and feeding the worms.  If it rains we can work under cover and continue covering the library books. Work will also continue most of the day on the high tech oven and next week we hope to have both ovens ready to go.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Home again, and the homefire's burning!

It was wonderful meeting so many interested Kiama residents at Future Fest last weekend.

We were amazed at all of the stuff we managed to transport for our display, and just as amazed that it still only hinted at what we do when we're in the garden.

So, now that we're back home in the garden again this weekend and ready to continue with our current projects, it's a good time to come and visit us if you're in the area.

This is what we'll be doing this Saturday 9 June from 9am onwards 

  • Fire Up our new adobe pizza oven -  It's time to learn how to use it effectively, so there will be some trial pizzas and bread happening throughout the day. Bring along your preferred pizza toppings.
  • Turn the most recent hot compost.
  • Plant out the seedlings left over from Future Fest.
  • Tidy kitchen and rearrange meeting room in preparation for Winter.
  • Feed the Worms.
  • Check Fruit trees and brace those that have suffered storm damage.
  • Continue internal repairs on the high tech pizza oven.
  • Re mulch areas that have been windswept.
  • Enjoy each other's company at morning tea.

Hope to see you there - Enter through the soccer fields, please wear covered shoes and remember that our only parking is in the leisure centre car park.