Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catching up on lost time!

Work to be finished on Saturday 27 August.

Various events, including weather and other commitments, have left us with several jobs that have been been begun, but not yet finished. Warm conditions and lengthening day length have hastened growth, both in the garden and the hothouse.
This weekend we will be marking out and beginning to construct new garden beds in the middle terrace, making room for some of our amazing seedlings to be transplanted.

There are also plenty of other small jobs to lend a hand to.

Please join us in the garden this Saturday, to work, chat and catch up again. Let's share our ideas about what we most want to grow in the flourishing season that lies ahead.

All Parking at the Leisure Centre.
Enter the garden through the gate from the Soccer fields.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Preparing and Planting on ... Saturday 20 August

If you visit the garden this Saturday,
You can help plant some delicious perennials
and some old favourite spring annuals too.

Jobs to be done this Saturday from 9am
  • Revitalise some of the old eggplant and capsicum beds in readiness for planting peas and beans.
  • Plant peas and beans.
  • Thin Out Strawberries in raised beds and pot up those plants removed.
  • Compost and manure Asparagus bed.
  • Plant Asparagus Crowns.
  • Compost and manure locations for Rhubarb.
  • Plant Rhubarb Crowns.
  • Mark new crop rotation beds with the appropriately coloured pegs.
Please remember:
Park at the Leisure Centre only
Enter the garden through the gate leading from the soccer fields.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Something for everyone!

This Saturday 13 August will see us gather to toil in the garden again - the list for this week is below. In case you are wondering whether there might be any chores you can help out with, let us assure you that is something for everyone to do at a garden working-bee. Here is a collection from a few recent working bees: sowing seeds; re-mulching pathways; maintaining and marking tools; potting up plants such as strawberry runners; building (our current project is creating worm farms out of old bath tubs); caring for the produce (watering, mulching, netting, creating support structures) and of course planting out seeds and (now) our very own seedlings from our hot-house!

Every season is different in the garden. At the moment we are rejoicing in the produce that is thriving including: leeks, chard, garlic, potatoes,kale, spinach, broad beans, climbing peas, snow peas, cauliflower, broccoli, onions and artichokes.

In the hot-house we continue to sow seeds that will transition into the garden as spring comes on. One thing that we know is that we are entering the season of growth, which means lots of care but also, lots and lots of harvesting!

Hopefully you can see yourself somewhere in one of these pictures!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jobs for Saturday 13th August

Last weekend was a beauty, great people, great weather and lots done. Very Satisfying.
Join us in the garden this Saturday for...
- Water the garden with Jeff's liquid manure
- Jeff will teach us to make more liquid manure for spring
- Clean out the celery and iceberg lettuce beds and refresh them the "no dig" way
- Sow more seeds in the hot house
- Install cyclone wire in the hot house for the climbing beans and peas
- Turn the hot compost
- Continue the construction of the bath tub worm farms
- Experiment curl grub cure by water/molasses mix on half the compost pile
- Enjoy a tea/coffe and each other's company

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jobs for Saturday 6th of August

Jobs for Saturday 6th of August – 9am onwards.

Last weekend was a great success, we really made the most of the sunny weather after so much rain. Thank you for all those who were able to come along.

We will be meeting at the garden at 9am regardless of the weather. If the weather is not suitable for gardening we will be going for a coffee so please join us.

Prepare beds

Plant Seedlings

Plant up strawberry bags

Plant more seeds in trays in the hot house

Set up netting around the middle water tank to grow peas up

Plant asparagus in the 1/2 wine barrel

Start work on the bath tub worm farms

Document the seeds

Rivet the loose section of coping on the meeting room roof

Oil the seating arc

Share a cup of tea or coffee and a chat

This is an optimistic list!

If people would like to bring cake or biscuits for morning tea it would be greatly appreciated. For those that can’t bring a snack there is the option of a gold coin donation.

Let’s make the most of this warmer weather.