Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last weekend we had a small and happy group at the garden and we planted some beans, added some shade cloth to the hothouse, moved the current hot compost into the bay ready for use in the garden, harvested (including some delicious carrots), pegged down the recycled carpet underlay (weed matting/mulch) on the Hillside, and watered.

Join us in the garden this Saturday from 8:30 when we will be:
  • Potting up more seedlings
  • Pulling out flowering broccoli
  • Putting composted manure around citrus and watering with worm tea
  • Watering, Watering, Watering
  • Feeding the worms
  • De-bagging new horse manure
  • Pulling out old calendula around the asparagus bed and planting out lettuce seedlings
  • Enjoying morning tea & chat