Thursday, March 29, 2012

Loads to do in the garden this weekend - let's get to it

Jobs for Saturday from 8.30 am

· Seeds – decide which ones to plant

· Cut the wattles to half the height of the back fence

· Fertilise

· Pizza Oven footing pad (& possibly access step pad)

· Spread the rest of the mulch

· Move the ‘ready’ compost to Les’ new worm-friendly container

· Start new hot compost

· Tie back Bamboo

· Relocate the native grasses from outside the lower driveway

· Enjoy morning tea together

Friday, March 23, 2012

Growing things

Last Saturday was a very enjoyable day. The weather was good and the visit from the Albion Park Gardeners was delightful, more about that in a future blog from Deb.
'Julie (shall we call her Minnie?) the Mulcher'
We got a lot done in the garden and the worms have never looked so healthy. We are getting litres of nutritious ‘worm tea’ to feed the garden with and under Eddie’s stewardship they are chomping through loads of organic waste for us.

Eddie pours a cup of worm tea
We had a wonderful and very filling morning tea. The conversation was varied and merry, most enjoyable.

More of the same this weekend

Jobs for Saturday 24th March

-          Harvesting

-          Weeding

-          Feeding the worms

-          Restraining the Bamboo

-          A nice cuppa and a chat

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sharing the goodness

Just over a year ago were we setting up our first hot compost. With Dan and Aaron there to guide us we had great success. Looking at these photos it is amazing how the garden has matured in the last year. The garden has grown and so has the number of people involved with the garden.

This Saturday we are welcoming a group from Albion Park who are in the process of setting up their own community garden. This Saturday will be a wonderful time to reflect on our journey and to offer support to a new group of community gardeners.
Job for Saturday – 17th March
-          Welcome the Albion Park Gardeners and show off our wonderful garden.
-          Empty half of raised garden of capsicums & chillies and fill with raked up mulch from pathways & fresh mulch. Top up with new compost.
-          Move the rest of the mulch.
-          Turn, bag or move compost.
-          Enjoy morning tea together.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Gap in the Clouds!

Last Saturday, we were extremely fortunate to get quite a few things ticked off the to-do list, despite a few showers. And this Saturday From 8.30 am we'll make inroads on the rest. 

Our relentless eradication of the leaf eating 28 spotted lady birds and their larvae will continue as well as:

  •  Trimming wattles on the back fence
  •  Bringing the raspberries to heel
  •  Planting Les’ seedlings
  •  Feeding the Worms and sorting out the worm tea
  •  Restraining Bamboo with hessian straps
  •  Spreading newly delivered mulch on garden paths
  •  Weeding and harvesting
  •  Enjoying morning tea together

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here's for a Fine Saturday, 3 March

With 42 mm of rain at the garden on Tuesday, 78 mm on Wednesday and today's lower figure pictured...

We're not quite sure what the scene will be on Saturday.  Les's Bana grass barriers slowed the torrent down our long sloped pathway yesterday, yet another creek swept in from the playing fields across our concreted area.
But we've got to be optimistic, and there are cabbages and broccoli to plant so.. It will be fine on Saturday.

This is what we hope to achieve:

  •   Feed Worms
  • · Prepare new beds
  • · Plant Brassica's
  • · Harvest
  • · Squash bad lady birds
  • · Sow green manure in melon bed
  • · Control aphids on Brussels Sprouts.
  • · Enjoy morning tea.