Thursday, November 24, 2011

Grow Local - join us Saturday 26th November

On Wednesday this week two new GROW LOCAL guides for the Illawarra were launched at a wonderful event in Wollongong. The guides are the Illawarra Edible Garden Guide and the Illawarra Native Garden Guide. Pick up your free copies at the garden from 8:30 Saturday.

While you at the garden why not join in the jobs for this weekend:

·       - Re organise the storage of our items in the shipping container

·       - Begin preparation of vegetables for Sunday

·       - Wash kitchen floor, and clean and tidy both the kitchen and the meeting room

·       - Check citrus trees for pests / beetles

·       - Begin preparation of pergola for oiling

·       - Turn the hot compost

·       - Enjoy morning tea together

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Job list for Saturday 19th November

With the Slow Food Brunch just around the corner we will be sprucing up the garden this Saturday.

  - We need to clean the kitchen ready for the
    Slow Food Brunch 
  - Move the timber off cuts
  - Plant out the pots we didn't do last week
  - Harvest 
  - Mulch behind the seating arc
  - Check the citrus trees for pest beetles
  - Complete the grey water tank platform
  - Enjoy a cuppa in the garden

Come along from 8:30 and get involved...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Calling all spare hands. Lots to do. Lots to harvest.

Saturday 12 November

- Slash Bana Grass.

- Stake Tomatoes.

- Dig Potatoes.

- Cut pea stalks and remove all upper foliage.

- Plant new Ornamental ground cover and Perilla herb plants.

- Begin work on support for grey water tank.

- Harvest Chard, Broad Beans, Artichokes.

- Enjoy each others company over a cuppa.

Last weekend we had a great time on our bus tour in Sydney. We visited 5 wonderful Community Gardens, Woolloomooloo, Paddington, James St Reserve Redfern, Charlie's Garden and Randwick.

Paddington Community Garden

Each garden was a delight and an education. We look forward to welcoming Sydney gardeners to our garden in the future.
Woolloomooloo Community Garden

Thursday, November 3, 2011

And the wheels of the bus go round and round ...

Instead of working in our garden this Saturday 5 November, we will be jumping on a mini-bus and heading north to visit many others. So, sorry, no working bee this week. But we will be back again next Saturday 12/11, inspired no doubt, after visits to:

Woolloomooloo Garden
Paddington Garden
James Street Reserve Garden, Redfern
Charlie’s Garden – Charles Kernan Reserve, Darlington and Randwick Garden!

We have much to be excited about ... including the bounty in the garden. The snap to the left is of the harvest gathered for sharing amongst the workers last Saturday 29 October.