Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here's for a Fine Saturday, 3 March

With 42 mm of rain at the garden on Tuesday, 78 mm on Wednesday and today's lower figure pictured...

We're not quite sure what the scene will be on Saturday.  Les's Bana grass barriers slowed the torrent down our long sloped pathway yesterday, yet another creek swept in from the playing fields across our concreted area.
But we've got to be optimistic, and there are cabbages and broccoli to plant so.. It will be fine on Saturday.

This is what we hope to achieve:

  •   Feed Worms
  • · Prepare new beds
  • · Plant Brassica's
  • · Harvest
  • · Squash bad lady birds
  • · Sow green manure in melon bed
  • · Control aphids on Brussels Sprouts.
  • · Enjoy morning tea.

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