Friday, March 23, 2012

Growing things

Last Saturday was a very enjoyable day. The weather was good and the visit from the Albion Park Gardeners was delightful, more about that in a future blog from Deb.
'Julie (shall we call her Minnie?) the Mulcher'
We got a lot done in the garden and the worms have never looked so healthy. We are getting litres of nutritious ‘worm tea’ to feed the garden with and under Eddie’s stewardship they are chomping through loads of organic waste for us.

Eddie pours a cup of worm tea
We had a wonderful and very filling morning tea. The conversation was varied and merry, most enjoyable.

More of the same this weekend

Jobs for Saturday 24th March

-          Harvesting

-          Weeding

-          Feeding the worms

-          Restraining the Bamboo

-          A nice cuppa and a chat

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