Thursday, February 2, 2012

Showing Determination

There was a great turn up at last weekends working bee, just what we needed for a blitz on the 28 spotted ladybirds that were damaging many crops in the garden! So the ladybird patrol went in.
Many squishes and yellow fingers later, we're pleased to report that our plants are now far less nibbled.

We've been very proud of what we're growing here in the garden, so this weekend, we decided to put some of our produce on display at the Kiama Show. It was fun putting our display together and a real highlight to win something as well.

We learned quite a bit throughout the showing experience and we'll be back again next year!
Our aim was to give more people in the Kiama Community an opportunity to see our produce
and by including our contact details too, we hoped
to encourage visitors and hopefully new members.

This Saturday we will be hard at work again, with most of us beginning work at 8.30am.


                      Jobs for the 4th February are as follows:
                          *Spray and net Brassicas
                          *Lady bird Patrol
                          *Seed Stocktake
                          *Enjoy Morning tea together     

                            Hope to see you there!

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