Friday, February 10, 2012

Hot potato tip

Running out of space at home?

Come to the gardens to discover lots of tricks of the trade, like making use of 'hard surfaces' for growing seasonal food. Last weekend we created this small 1.5m x 1m no-dig potato patch in a spare corner.

It might not look much but if you do this at home you can expect do get at 10-30 potatoes from each potato planted. Which is a good return in anyone's book.

The yield varies depending on your climate, patch ingredients, type of potatoes, level of after planting maintenance etc BUT what have you got to loose, except a piece of driveway perhaps?!

Jobs for Saturday 11th Jan from 8.30 am – this week we are focusing on infrastructure.

Some of these tasks can be done no matter what the weather is doing some come along.

· Turn hot compost

· Construct the seating at the Great Wall of Les

· Sand and oil the Pergola

· Harvest

· Enjoy morning tea together

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