Thursday, February 16, 2012

Strive for the Finish

It's going to be pretty busy about the playing fields all of this weekend as Region 5 Little Athletics comes to town.
Throughout the regional athletics carnival, Kiama will be teeming with young athletes and their families and it will probably be rather difficult to park anywhere near the garden.
So any working bee this weekend is going to be kept low key, although ongoing work will still take place towards finishing our new seating area and oiling the pergola timbers.
There's also general maintenance to be done, so any members who feel like visiting should still do so. 

Jobs For Saturday 18 February 

… a long way from where you’ve parked! – will be very low key
Continue work on Mid level garden seating
Continue oiling the pergola
Water……Harvest…….Squash 28 spotted ladybirds….Turn Compost
Enjoy each other’s company at morning tea.

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