Thursday, January 19, 2012

Working bee on Saturday 21st Jan

Hello all,

Lots has been happening in the garden as well as the wonderful growth of the veggies. The fruit trees are doing really well. We will have to look at pruning them soon. Anyone with pruning skills would be very welcome.

The Pergola has been undergoing a its first round of maintenance with Steve sanding and oiling it. It is looking great. Thank you Steve.

Eddie has been taking superb care of the worms. They are looking very healthy. Great job Eddie.

We now have a black board which is for gardeners to write notes for other gardeners about areas that have been watered, plants that need harvesting or any other communication about the status of the garden.

This Saturday we will be:

1) Re-oiling the pergola

2) Planting seed (lettuce and brassicas)

3) Harvesting

4) Weeding

5) Watering

6) Starting work on the shade house

7) Sharing a cuppa

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