Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Wow, the garden is really 'Pumping'!"

Spring has well and truly arrived at the garden; as one visitor was overheard to say, "Wow, the garden is really Pumping!". Well, if we do say so ourselves, it really is!

The photograph to the left is the top terrace where we are growing cabbage, brussel sprouts, potatoes, carrots, beetroot, onions, garlic, turnips, spinach, artichoke, beans and peas. And of course salad greens and herbs. Oh, and citrus and passionfruit!

The second terrace too is really coming together.
We have recently rejuvenated and planted out a few beds. In these new beds we have beans, corn and zuchinni already showing great promise. And our first pumpkins are in. While the broccoli and cauliflower are finished we are still cropping snow beans and now broad beans too. In order to extend our planting area and help stabilise the terrace we commenced building a terraced retaining wall last weekend (that's it to the right).

We will be planting our cucumbers into these beds. And the best news of all is so many of these crops are coming on from our very own seeds, saved from our very first crops last year. And of course we are enthusiastically producing compost (that's some of the crew turning our heap below); recently adding a new composting area on the middle terrace.

COME JOIN US THIS SATURDAY 17 September, when we will:
  • Continue building worm farms from old bath tubs
  • Plant out choko vines
  • Trim and feed passionfruit vines
  • Feed artichokes
  • Complete work on retaining wall terrace
  • Plant out cucumbers seedlings

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