Monday, November 3, 2014

Five Years On and an Induction

3 November, 2014

Thanks to Alex for posting a report on the garden's five years birthday party on Facebook. Those who could make it ate great wholesome pizzas, had a social drink and time to reflect on the growth of the garden over half a decade, yes, half a decade.

Unfortunately many who have contributed over the years were for a host of reasons unable to attend. Do not concern yourselves, you were talked about. We especially missed Julie Errey whose efforts has helped make this garden.

Suffice to show an early picture of the garden to realise how much has been done in the field and in the buildings and infrastructure.

The garden is obviously not just the plants and infrastructure, it is the people and the orientation day on 1 November was attended by many new members, young and not so young. Deb, Maria and Les outlined the safely considerations, philosophy and practical information on how to use tools.

Posted Rayner 3/11/2014

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