Thursday, April 19, 2012

Enduring Commitment

How rewarding to see so many members here last Saturday all pitching in for the garden and our Future Fest preparations. Work will continue next Saturday 21 April - see jobs below, then no working bees until 12 May owing to workshop events. Keep on discovering chokos this week, Frank found a good use for some last weekend!

Jobs to be done this Saturday 21 April:

1.      Water plants with Seasol/Compost teas

2.      Check that the cut Bana grass is not sprouting

3.      Plant garlic

4.      Check brassicas for green grubs (and kill them if found)

5.      Water the FutureFest seedlings

6.      Plan for FutureFest

7.      Feed the worms

8.      Harvest

9.      Clean up the meeting room (winter is coming)

10.  Weed

11.  Have a lovely cuppa

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