Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saturday 23 July - Spare Hands Welcome!

There will be a working bee on Saturday the 23rd July starting at 9am (weather permitting). Jobs to be done include:

  • Turning the hot compost pile
  • Fixing shade cloth to the repaired fence as windbreak for the hot house
  • Straightening up the scare crows
  • Aeration of the “Dalek” compost bins
  • Emptying the horse poo bags
  • Dismantling the White Cabbage Moth exclusion netting on the lower bed (only)
  • Planting more seed trays in hot house (especially lettuce if we have the seeds)

Let's all hope for good weather!

NOTE: All parking at Leisure Centre
Strictly no parking at Blue Haven
Access is via gate from soccer fields.

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