Monday, March 7, 2011

Saturday 5th March.

Saturday was a nice morning, much cooler than the last few weeks. Ideal for a bit of labouring in the garden.

Deb had kindly brought along some fairly advanced potato seedlings from her garden.

The plan is to try out planting them in old tyres, and as they grow, we add more tyres and soil to build up the plant and increase the number of potatoes produced by each plant.

As you can see with Deb, Barry and Vince’s help the potatoes are up to two tyres already.

Vince set about making access through the gate nearest the Blue Haven complex easier and safer.

He levelled off the area inside the gate and installed a step. Then he top dressed the area with blue metal left over from the seating arc.

I gave Vince a hand to make a level pathway to the storage container also dressed with blue metal.

The tyre section of the seating arc is now complete and we are looking for recycled timber to start the decking surface for sitting on.

Our newly installed rain gauge showed that we had received an impressive 19mm of lovely rain the night before.

It was a great morning’s work thanks to Deb, Vince and Barry. I am looking forward to turning the compost for the first time this coming Saturday morning.

Happy gardening,


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